Okay, I did it. I called the 24 hour dispatch, got in touch with the right people, and had the debriefing today.

It was interesting. I'm stopping short of beneficial, because I'm not entirely sure if it was yet. But it was interesting.

I got to talk, though. And talking is sometimes all you have to do.

I've written about it, but I'm going to re-write it. And when I'm good and satisfied with it, I'll post it here.

Thank you so much for the emails, IMs and comments. I really appreciate the good wishes coming my way.

Take care out there,


Anonymous said...


I am happy that you are seemingly, doing better...happy I guess...was praying that everything will be okay. The world is a much better place when people are happy! By the way, what does the initials CISM stand for? For a few of us (me I guess), I have no idea of some of the EMS jargon. You have to explain things. And since I do not know anything about what you wrote before, I am looking forward to your next few posts. Thanks, be blessed and blessed be!

(The visible anonymous person)

Anonymous said...


I'm always here for you, 24/7. Wishing you peace.


Sam's mom

Medic 66 said...

When I had my first DOA, my supervisor made us all go to CISM debriefing. I thought the idea was silly but at the same time didn't really know what to expect. In hindsight it was very helpful. It was a tough situation (indirectly knew the victim) and, as you said, talking about it really helped. I hope you find some good out of it as well.

tracy said...

Dear Sam,

Sending love and prayers, i hope you will be okay, if fact, i know you will be and i wanted you to know i am thinking of you.

love, tracy

EMSChild said...

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). There is a lot that happens in a CISM, but basically it is a program that lets yourself or all those involved in an incident talk with each other and with a mental health provider. Often ways to cope are discussed and the focus is to manage how you processed the incident and how you can move on.

fyremandoug said...

Sam anything I try to say sounds dumb... most of us have been through
this once...multiple times. it will pass, talk it out.

If you don't mind I can send some prayer down range also.