Guys and gals...come on! I've only had 4 entries! I'm dying here.

So, to recap. This post explains to you what the contest is. It's very simple. Just tell me what your favorite word is, and why! It doesn't have to be profound, and it doesn't have to be an essay. I'm just curious!

So if you're a first time reader, of if you've been reading from day one *cough*, *cough*, please enter! Maybe you've been reading for a long time but never commented. Here's your chance.

Please. I'm begging. Blogger/reader interaction.

You can email me (it's in my profile)
You can reply to this entry or this one with a comment.
You can even send me an Instant Message (IM...also in the profile)

Just somehow get me your favorite word with an explanation of why. 17 days and counting!

And if you're feeling super nice and you'd like to link to the contest in your own blog (with the hopes that this would get more entries), I'd be eternally grateful. I'll even mail you a thank you card :)

I'm off to see Lewis Black do his thing.

Take care out there,


Medix311 said...

So here's my favorite word. It's actually and amalgam of two words. It was conceived at work and is a perfect expression of contempt for the utter stupidity I witness on a daily basis. It's a little vulgar, but here goes:


As in, f'ing retard. Not pretty, but concise, too the point, and economical.

Nikki said...

When your love of writing depends on an extensive vocabulary, it's pretty tough to choose a single favorite word... mine would probably have to be 'kumquat', just because it's equal parts colorful, interesting, and awkward.

Either that, or 'omphaloskepsis' - just 'cause it's sweet.

a day in the life said...

Thanks for adding me in there!
I'm working on it.
God damn woman.

Alaina said...

Uhm, I'm going to have to go with...


No explanation needed.

tracy said...
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tracy said...
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tracy said...

"Smothering Dorky Temptresses"

Oops, that's t h r e e words, but i loved it!

Thanks so much, Sam and Epi...!

Loth said...

Boytritus. It's the six inch deep layer of plastic, lego and crap left lying by my two boys.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Well, without being too crude, I'd say orgasm cause it represents that moment of perfect integration between mind and body in fulfillment of a cause in which they’re both equally and totally committed. Your purpose spelled out as clear as a bell; no hesitation in its pursuit. And once obtained you’re left with a lazy contentment that you can take out and share with the world. Calm since you're physically spent. Assertive since you're comfortable expressing your life force. Peaceful.

Philip said...
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Philip said...


difficult to pin down why; i suppose part because it reminds me of itself, without actually being in any way onomatopoeic (although ono gets a honorable mention, if only because i can never remember how to spell it ;o) that i can pin down, the rest because i've always enjoyed the bubble person imagery & philosophical connotations it provokes for me. i find a mix of security and loneliness, or at least aloneness, in it, too, which i really enjoy.

Ben said...

I really like "Automne", the french word for "automn" or "fall".

Ben said...

oh and why:

first, pronunciation: I like pronuncing it, like f.... ;-)

Also, the automn is a beautiful season here, with the trees changing color.. it make me dream!

AnniforsciA said...

Soooo uh I think you meant to link my blog but actually linked some rando, hahaha.

Oh my dear, you know I'm going to be e-mailing you soon.


Anonymous said...

happy blogaversary!

I like the word "muxed ip"

My maths teacher said it in class when I was about 13, and its so very random its stayed with me as something amusing ever since!

It is impossible to choose a fave word though....very hard indeed.

danny said...

My favorite word has to be "thanks."

It always makes me feel better to have a person thank me, especially when it's for something I do routinely.

Chris said...

Oy, Danny you thief - I said that first!


Get your own! :p