Busy, busy!

It's been so crazy around here. Always working, schooling, volunteering, or...well, there's no good one-word gerund for it, but...hanging out with people. I have stories to write, and no time to write them! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have enough time to sit down and type out some thoughts. We'll see though; thanks for sticking with me.

Go check out Normal Sinus if you have the chance. We're finally up and rolling again; we had a little bit of a lapse in posting because of the fact that the world much prefers to keep us all busy than entertained :( But luckily, Epi has been kind enough to take on posting!

Oh, and when your significant other makes eyes at you from across the ER while holding fat flaps for a doc doing a central line, you know they're good for you. Either that or you're both totally dorky. Okay, maybe both.

Take care out there,


Epijunky said...


Seriously, I'm happy for you :)

Alaina said...

Definitely both.

tracy said...

or a "smoltering dorky tempteress"....with a cutie by her side. sigh.