Hanna (picture)

No, not a picture of the storm or anything. Not a picture of mass destruction.

A picture of Sam and Eric, the people who will be taking care of Rushmere. The people with a combined age of 39 and a half.

Yes, people of Rushmere, here they are. Your knights in shining armor.

Good luck, and godspeed, people of Rushmere. Just kidding, you're safe with us.

Take care out there,


Anonymous said...

you two are so cute, i'll see y'all tomorrow

Epijunky said...

What a cute picture:)

Stay safe honey :)

Anonymous said...

The half year really matters! :)
Stay safe

Evil Transport Lady said...

Be careful little one!!

Lucian said...


tracy said...

Love the photo, love you "guys"!
Thanks sooo much for the link to your squad...i have been trying to figure out where in our fair state you are...!

VA FireMedic said...

too bad nothing happened and you SLEPT the entire time we were there!!! the chairs weren't too comfortable, although you missed two fun filled trips to the food mart, then a call up there later in the day...oh wells.

"Eric"/The Real Lucian