Well, Hanna is upon us. I've been at the rescue squad for 26 hours now, since my university decided to evacuate us (mandatory evac). It looks like I'm going to be sent to Rushmere, a nearby county, to hold down the fort there with Eric and some other providers. Drew is busy saving the world at his job with Emergency Management. I'm about to have no internet, little cell service.

Keep everyone in your thoughts, please. I don't expect much to happen, but it's still a little scary. I'll be in touch as much as possible, but it's already raining hard, and I have no clue when I'll be heading out there.

We've had 12 patients in the past two hours. It's been rough, but I'm just so thankful that I'm here to help.

Take care out there, please,

p.s.--If you want to listen to our dispatch, you can do so here. It should open in iTunes. I should be on M64 (or something).

edit:Going to Rushmere at 0600. Will be on Medic 65 all night. Wish us luck :P


Rach said...

Thinking about you. Your post reminds me a lot of the stories I got from my friends during the lebanon war - on call, from home or from the station, 24/7 throughout the course of the crisis. Here's hoping that everything passes quickly and with little problem.

Chris said...

You Americans and your hurricanes. You should just come to England where we just get rain (most of the time :( )

Seriously, hope you're well, and that everything goes OK. Be sure to kep us updated when you can - we don't want to be worrying unnecessarily!

Tony said...

You're in our prayers. Hopefully nothing bad happens, but you guys will handle it if it does. I promise I won't say "that" word at all until it's over. :-)

Take care, stay safe, and keep doing what you do.

Philip said...

If not for this blog (and those it's connected me to), I'd never have stopped to think that EMT services would provide public broadcasts of their dispatching. That's really interesting.