Long Story

It's a very long story, but I have the internet right now. I need to go to bed, but I was dying to update.

1. Epi wrote a post about a conversation she and I had earlier. It's pretty classic. Check it out here if you're interested.

2. A football story through pictures:
My Daddy (PolarDoc) is a USC alum, so I am, by default, a fan. Mom, Dad and I drive to Charlottesville to the Scott Stadium, home of the UVA Cavaliers. We sit in a private box with friends of ours, and I watch as a sea of orange gets splattered with some maroon and gold.

Dad talked to Howie Long and got an autograph. His son, Chris, was there as well. He's a UVA football alum, so I felt sort of bad sitting next to him, but then I felt better remembering that I was rooting for a winning team. ;)

USC demolished the home team. I felt a little bad, but then realized that it's a game that doesn't matter since neither is in the other's conference. So then I just reveled in the victory.

3. Dad leaves for Antarctica on Tuesday morning. We had a going away party for him today, and it was tons of fun. I'm pretty bummed out that I'm not going to see him until March, but I know he's going to have a great time.

4. I really want to go to Louisiana to help, but unless my professors would excuse my absence, I couldn't do it. Are any of you going? My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

5. The Apple Store still has my stupid MacBook, so I'm a little upset about that. Hopefully I'll get it back soon!

6. I promise a real post about an intense trauma we got in the ED as soon as I possibly can. I miss writing.

Take care out there,


Evil Transport Lady said...

I miss you also! But I understand the demands of getting back to school. You take care and blog when you can!


Nikki said...

It's so hard to be patient, isn't it? If there were any feasible way, I'd be down there in a heartbeat. West Michigan sucks... we get shitloads of lake effect snow and maybe a wicked-cool ice storm every ten or so years, but that's about it. Pfft. :)

VA FireMedic said...

screw the condoms! (you get the joke, i assume). at least tech lost also (as did NC State and Clemson).

Luckily it doesnt look like our help would even be needed in Louisiana, we need to be here in case Hannah hits.

ice_gnome said...

Is your dad going to McMurdo? Iwas there last summer, and had a blast! If he's goin to McMurdo, tell him to say hi to the fire dept. They're a great bunch of guys. Wish I was going back, but shoulder surgery stopped that one.

Odie said...

I'm signed up to go down to LA if they need us....we're set to send out ambulance, brush truck, and utility down there...

Polar Doc said...

I love the picture of us! Can you send me the original (full size)?