Junior Year Day 1

Welcome, Junior Year.

You have greeted me with a broken computer, a banged up foot, and a construction crew working outside my window at 0700. It would be nice if this trend did not continue.

Yours truly,

p.s.--I go to the Apple Store today to try and get my computer fixed. Send me working-computer-vibes?


Anonymous said...

Not sure baby but, I hope that you will have a nice Junior year...

by the way, you HAVE to apologize to the Gods...something that you have done...because they are not happy! You are always hurt...I hope that you will find a way to stay healthy...and I am half-way kidding...stay healthy!!!

Continue to be you, because you are a wonderful writer.

Stay blessed Samantha...thanks.

Epijunky said...

"I have the dumb"

Best quote ever. I'm totally stealing it.

Sending good vibes in general your way.

hilinda said...

Hope your computer recovers well. You, too.

Best for a great junior year, too. Taking any interesting electives?

Evil Lunch Lady said...

A Mac needs fixing?? Wow that's rare! Hope all goes well in school!

Best wishes!


Kyle said...

I went to the mac store on the day the new iphone came out to get my ipod fixed. they were so busy that they just gave me a new ipod.

tracy said...

".....i have the dumb" I m u s t have it...i l o v e it!! Is it on a t-shirt anywhere???

love to you Sam,