I've managed to get hurt, again. Once again, not my fault, but involving a stretcher. This is what happens when a 220 pound man on a 60 pound stretcher collapse onto your foot. Not very pleasant.

It's not broken, luckily, but I bruised the bones. So I get to hobble about like this for a few days. To top it all off, it happened on my last day of work at the transport company. Lame!

Also, my internet isn't working here. I'm picking up some wireless network from my school, but my ethernet connection is doing nothing. My entries may be few and far between while I wait for IT to help again.


Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Sam,

I'm sorry about the accident. I'm glad your foot isn't broken, and at least it was your last day there so you're not going to be asked to help move a stretcher anytime soon I hope. (I like your on-point pun, too!)

I hope the poor man on the stretcher didn't get (further) hurt himself.

Take care of yourself, Sam. We hope both your foot and your Ethernet connection get back on track soon!

Jeff Deutsch

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Ouch! Damn feel better soon kid!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Be careful!

Nikki said...

You know... for having never met each other, you and I get along remarkably well, and I think it's because our personalities are freakishly similar.

I, too, am accident-prone to an obnoxious degree. I feel your pain.

Heal quickly. :)

Odie said...

careful now! No hurting yourself anymore!

Crutches are a b***h, i posted a similar injury story over on my blog but a little less serious than your injury.

Get yourself some volleyball kneepads to wrap around the tops of the crutches, they work wonders.

Polar Doc said...

Lame foot. Lame computer. Lame lame lame lame lame.

Polar Doc said...
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