Blog Award

Jeff, from Building Common Ground was kind enough to give me a blog award! It is now my distinct honor to pass it on!

The rules are as follows:
1.You have to pick five blogs that you consider deserve this award in terms of creativity, design, interesting material, and general contributions to the blogger community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each winner has to show the award and give the name and link to the blog that has given him or her the award itself.

4. Each winner and each giver of the prize has to show the link of “Arte y pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5. To show these rules.

And now, on to the good part.

1.Hands down, EpiJunky. This woman is absolutely amazing. She's a mother, a student, an EMT, and a fantastic friend. She's a great writer, and never ceases to make me laugh. She's like a big sister to me, and her posts are rich with detail.

2.Second goes to Kim. I love reading a medblog from a different point of view (not just ER/ambulance blogs). Kim is a great, touching writer who has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. If you haven't already read some of her stuff, definitely head over there right now to check her out.

3.Bernice is another one of my favorites. I'm not sure what to call it, but her posts have this quality to them that keep me coming back. I vividly remember some of the posts while I'm at work, and her strength shines through her words. I really enjoy reading what she has to say!

4.Okay, now for a male blogger! Rogue Medic is absolutely fantastic. He gives a different perspective on EMS, and offers a great style of writing. His entries are always informative, and I come back every time having learned something new. Definitely add him to your "must read" blogs if you're interested in the field!

5.Lastly, "Virginia EMT", aka Eric. What can I say? I love my partners.

There are about 60 other blogs I'd like to give this to, but that'd be breaking the rules, and my fingers can't type all the laudatory things I'd say! So, in essence, you all get one. But those are the first five that came to mind.

We had a super-massive trauma in the ER this past shift, so I'll be writing about that as soon as I get some "free time."

Take care out there,


Epijunky said...

My very first blog award.

Thank you sweety :)You made my morning!

And you certainly deserve it.

Bernice said...

This is my first blog award as well. Thank you so much!

Rogue Medic said...

That makes three of us. Thank you for the award and the positive comments.

asthepumpturns said...

Aw thanks!