Random Things!

Is anyone surprised by this? Tell me that you've read my blog, EE's Blog, or AD's Blog, and then tell me you're surprised. It's disgusting.

In other, happier news, I have something like 17 entries for favorite word. Go check out the original contest idea here and then the sam-pleading-with-you entry here. Suggested prizes have been something homemade, an entry revolving around the word, a ride-along with me, an entry based on what the winner would like (a theme they choose, essentially), and a letter (hand-written) from me. Any other thoughts? Just 13 more days! You have tons of time to enter and make my blog-oversary spectacular!

On yet another note, I successfully started every IV I attempted last night. It was fantastic, and I'd walk out of a room doing my victory dance. One of my new favorite ED techs would join me in post-success dance, say "work it, girl!" and bump hips with me. It was fantastic. Let's hope I can keep this streak up :)

Take care out there,


Epijunky said...

You're a IV freakin' rockstar :))

Check you out!

Bernice said...

Woohoo on the IV! I would like a video of said celebration dance. ;o)

You know, when I win your word contest.

Chapati said...

all I can say about the link to 911 calls is - WTF!?

Nikki said...

That article makes me nauseous.

Anyway, I totally didn't realize that you'd promised a thank-you note to anyone who linked - I can't promise that you'll actually get any hits for my effort, but if you're game anyway, I'd love one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, I guess its a darn good thing that we never get any non emergency 911 calls huh..."steve" ps missed you on wednesday!

EE said...

I'm surprised about the article.

I thought it'd have been a high percentage of non-emergency calls.