67 y/o drunk man: "Why are you poking me?"
Me: "We've got to give you an IV so we can give you some medications and fluid."
67 y/o drunk man: "Oh. You're cuuute."
Me: "Yes sir, I'm always cute when they're drunk."
67 y/o drunk man: *buuurp*


Michael Morse said...

They never say that to me. I think that's a good thing!

Alaina said...

baha!! s'ok sam, you're cute to me even when i'm not drunk :D

Odie said...

its ok ... the last drunk i had was an older gentleman who thought our medic lieutenant was a chick.

6'2" bass voiced mustachioed girl...

at least he got your gender right.

unit54 said...

If only they were as cute to the rest of the world.

Agent Elle said...

Haha! Classy guy :P